When we are planning to start something new or to do something we have never done before, we can experience a lot of fear, and it is NORMAL to feel this way.

Everyone experiences some form of panic or anxiety when we go out of our comfort zone. Our subconscious doesn’t like new things and will warn us every time about potential danger. Anything new or different to our usual way of life is perceived by our subconscious as risky. Our ‘lovely’ subconscious cares about us so much that it wants us to stay the same rather than ‘risk’ something new, even if we don’t like where we are, who we are or what we have.

This is why sometimes we tend to spend hours, days or even longer stressing before doing something we are unfamiliar with. We look for all possible reasons why something is not going to work. We plan and plan and plan – but really, it’s just so we can postpone starting doing something different.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s is a great thing to plan, it’s wise to plan. Just watch out for when you go overboard with that; with your need to predict, to be prepared, to have plan B, to have plan C, to have an exit point, to be prepared for the worst, to be prepared for the best, to cover all “what ifs”, to be confident, to have clarity ….. Can you see how long it takes?

You can spend your whole life on preparation of the best plan and you will never be able to predict all possible scenarios. By focusing on the best plan before taking any actions you are actually just MAKING EXCUSES for yourself to never start anything. This way you will never have to take responsibility for possible failure but have you considered that by not starting, you have already failed?!

Take the first step

You MUST make the first step first. By action, you create change, build your confidence and find clarity.

What if you first focused on knowing what you really want to achieve, on your vision and on your reasons why it is important for you. Is it possible that with a less detailed plan, which does not outline all steps and scenarios, you can decide to just make the first step? And is it possible that after this first step, the second step will be obvious? And after the 10th step you have completed, you will have more understanding what the 20th step should be? Can you see that by doing the do and taking the steps, you are now moving towards your goal?

‘Ghosts are people who spent their lives dreaming but never took their first step to achieve their dreams’ – Rebone Lanah Shashape

Don’t be a ghost, make your first step.