Wouldn’t it be a great thing to control what happens to us in life? I’m sure most of us would say, ‘of courses, yes!’ but I’m also sure most of us would say ‘we CAN’T have control over our life, things happen to us and we can’t change it and that’s a fact!’ .

And here I would dare to disagree and say that it’s not a totally correct statement. We all have a choice to be an effect of our life or we can be a cause in our life.

What does it mean to be an EFFECT?

This is a state where we feel we can’t possibly influence or change anything and that things just happen to us. This is a state where we feel powerless and have no vision for our future. It is also a state where we blame people, events, world and our past for whatever bad happened to us.

It is actually quite a comfortable state for anyone who DOESN’T WANT TO take any responsibility for their lives.

Just think about it…

There is any opportunity coming our way that could potentially change something in our life for the better. When we choose to be an EFFECT, we ignore this opportunity, do nothing about it or do a total minimum and then complain that nothing ever works for us. We feel that other people are luckier, they have a better start and things just work out for them. We can also start to blame. For example, our parents for not preparing us for life, we can say it’s not our fault for being shy/not brave/not smart, we don’t have enough experience, we don’t have enough money…

We can be very creative in finding excuses and reasons why we don’t take any actions but what we really do – we just avoid taking any responsibility for our life and we treat ourselves as victims.

This way, we don’t have to risk any possible failure, we don’t have to do any extra work and we don’t have to spend any extra time on doing anything that could possibly change our life. The only thing we become better at, is convincing ourselves that life ‘happens to us’ and we can’t influence the outcomes in any way, so we just complain more and let life throw things at us.

Be the Cause

I definitely prefer being a CAUSE – be brave to recognize that whatever happens in my life, has been created by me. I don’t like everything that I’ve experienced but I know that on a conscious or unconscious level I have influenced the outcomes that I have now. I have agreed at some point of my life to have the results I have now. It can sound scary for some but really, it’s very liberating to know that if I have created something I’m not too happy about, I can also create something I’m proud of.

Some of you might say that it’s one big lie, as we can’t influence weather, or war, or death and you would be right. We can’t change these kinds of events but we can choose to be a CAUSE by reacting to those events in a way that can be useful and helpful. When you are an EFFECT you complain about those events, get angry about them, cry over them and feel powerless.  When you are a CAUSE you go and help, you decide to send money to help the victims, you spend time with a person who mourns, you get involved in future projects to prevent similar events from happening…. you focus on something that can bring a relief to others and yourself.

You can always feel more powerful by being a CAUSE in your own life and in life of others.

If you would like to learn to become a CAUSE of you feel yourself becoming an EFFECT, contact U Transform U now for a commitment free discussion.