December 11


06:15 pm - 08:00 pm

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Kent Institute Australia

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Is success possible for you? – definitely yes!
Do you need courage to achieve success? – definitely yes!
Can YOU find courage and motivation to succeed? – definitely yes!

BUT… before you set up, get ready and go on your quest to become successful, you MUST answer couple of questions first:

^ What success means to YOU?
^ How do you define failure?
^ Do you know how success feels to you?
^ Are you celebrating success of others?
^ How do you acknowledge yourself for achieving success?

If you don’t have clear answers to the questions above, you are most likely entering or you are on a path of UNHAPPINESS.

Because, to achieve success YOU need to first learn about YOURSELF!

* What makes YOU happy
* What motivates YOU
* How do YOU want to feel
* What do YOU want to have
* Who do YOU want to become
* How do YOU want to experience life
* Who do YOU need to be

It all starts with you and your success can only grow from the inside.

If you feel there is much more you should, could and want to achieve in your life, join the workshop to find answers you need.

Slawka is a Life Design Coach who helps people rediscover how much courage they already have to start creating and living the life they want.

6.15pm – join us for some nibbles, chats & networking 🙂
6.30pm – workshop/presentation
7.30pm – questions, discussion & networking