June 12


06:15 pm - 08:00 pm

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Do you sometimes feel like people don’t understand you?

* You obviously said everything clearly but your
partner/ children/ friends/ co-workers seem
not to get it!

* Why can’t they just follow simple instructions?

* You didn’t want to argue but it looks like there
is no other option!

* You repeated the same thing so many times
and there is still no sign of understanding from
other side!

* You were just giving suggestions but your kids
say you were nagging!

*You were talking in a peaceful manner but they
say you were aggressive!

Does any of it resonate with you?

Has it ever occurred to you that maybe it is not that others are not ‘getting you’ but that maybe, you are not communicating the way others can understand?

^ How to change your communication so you
can have better relationships with people?

^ What words, tones and gestures should be
avoided to convey your message?

^ What do you need to know about your partner/
children/friends to communicate easier with

^ How can you state clearly what you want and
save your relationships with your partner, kids,
friends and co-workers?

If you are seeking answers to any of the questions above, join the workshop.

Slawka is a Life Design Coach who helps people rediscover their self-worth and self-love, so they can start creating and living the life they want.

6.15pm – nibbles and chats 🙂
6.30pm – workshop/presentation
7.30pm – questions and discussion

Join us for learning, discussion and fun.