April 16


06:15 pm - 08:00 pm

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Kent Institute Australia

Level 1 10 Barrack Street

Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2000

Can you you imagine how your life would look like if there was no fear stopping you?
Your personal life, your professional life, your social life, your spiritual life… what would be different if you learnt how to be the best YOU despite of fear?

Fear can be the reason why we don’t live the life we want. It stops us from taking steps and actions that could change our life for better.

It stops us from making decisions that could bring happiness and fulfillment into our life.

It stops us from being a better person for ourselves and for others.

^ Why do we allow our fears sabotage our dreams?
^ Why do we let them run our life?
^ Why do we stop half way even when we know we should push forward?

You will find the answers to this and many more questions during the workshop.

But most importantly, you will learn how to:

* Take control over your fear
* Use it as a fuel to push for success
* Be an example of courage for others

Your first step to find answers could be just now, come to this meeting and see how your courage feels.

Bring your friend(s) with you and learn together, so you can be support for each other whenever needed.

Join us for learning, discussion and fun.

See what other people say about Slawka’s workshops:
“I attended a workshop organized by Slawka. What a beautiful person she is. I was amazed by how easily she connected with me and could understand my situation without me having to say much.
The content she presented made a lot of sense. Those minor things that we keep overlooking and treat as granted are the ones that we have to actually focus on. Understanding our purpose and responsibility is the primary action we should take. Working on these small things can bring huge changes in our life. By picking SMART goals we can alter our destiny. One step at a time but consistently assessing and improving our behavior we can be our best self. And eventually fill our circle of life with positivity and happiness.
All this sounds obvious but I rarely considered these things to be as important before I met Slawka.
There is so much to learn and so much to achieve. It is only possible to do it by proper guidance and empathic support. I recommend UtransformU because I feel Slawka has those qualities. I am sure she is destined to bring positive change in the people she interacts with.
God bless you Slawka. I hope more people are able to reach you. Wish you all the best.”
– Zeeshan Q. Khan

“I couldn’t recommend Slawka high enough. Her positive, go-getter attitude is infectious. And her coaching inspires, empowers and motivates me to go after my dreams and achieve my goals”
– Gosia Jankowska

“I was lucky enough to attend one of the session by Slawka Tymosiewicz “You are stronger than you think”. She gave beautiful examples along the way. Her words brought clarity to life and if one session could open my eyes 🙂 I am quite sure many more can change my life and make me achieve my goals! 🙂 Thanks Slawka for having me !! Terrific work”
– Sana Rai

“I found Slawka’s prompts to improve my outlook on life to be practical, dynamic, motivational. Totally enjoyed my session”
– Kate Tully

“It’s an amazing night to attend the workshop ‘You are stronger than you think’. Slawka put the complex and difficult topic into perspective easily. I am grateful to come across such a beautiful soul and look forward to working with her in near future.”
– Julie Yan Huo