While I was cooking the other night, my 2 daughters (11 & 13y.o.) were on their phones, wasting their time, wasting their life, wasting their opportunities and damaging their eye sight. I’ve already started thinking how much I’ll need to pay for 2 pairs of glasses, maybe they’ll want contact lenses, maybe they’ll want lazer surgery… ‘That’s it!’ I heard myself screaming suddenly, ‘Get off the phones, start doing something useful, clean your room, clean the bathroom, read a book….’ And the list of all possible tasks was just pouring and pouring out of me. Every parent would do the same, right?

‘Stop watching nonsense things on whatever and start thinking about your life instead!!!” huffing and puffing I announced. And then, through my cloud of anger, I finally heard ‘Mum, we are doing just that, we are thinking and planning our businesses. We TOLD YOU BEFORE’.

A big silence followed………. still silence….. and then I asked them to explain again what they were doing.

The truth of the entrepeneur

As it turned out, my two daughters, were searching for the info how to start:

  1. A YouTube channel – the younger one has already thought about 5 episodes she wanted to record
  2. how to turn love for a make-up into a business – the older one wants to be a make-up artist and she already wanted to cover all she needed to know, so she can prepare

I loved the way they were thinking already about doing something different, they were excited and they were planning their future. These things could be just dreams that will never come true but instead of saying to my kids ‘You are too young anyway’, this time I chose to say: ‘Tell me more, I’m sure we can get a good plan together’. From this moment, we became ‘partners in crime’ and my kids (and me of course) love it.

How easy do we just assume we know what our kids do and think? We think we listen to our kids but when we ‘do the listening’ do we stop, sit down and really listen? OR do we wash dishes at the same time and not really hear what was said?

I guess the lesson for parents (and definitely for myself) is, don’t assume you are always right and don’t assume kids are always wrong. Listen, notice and encourage them to find their ways. And deep down I pray that my kids won’t charge me big $ for that lesson. It is scary to think that they might have already put it in their future budget?!?