I have a friend who once said to me – ‘J.A.T’.

With my constantly reappearing gaps (despite my best efforts, it seems) in the beautiful language called English, I had no idea what he was saying. The conversation went kind of like this.

Him: You could do it this way, or maybe you do it the way I suggested, J.A.T.
Me: What is J.A.T?
Him: Just A Though
Me (getting angry): So basically, you don’t agree with what I said!
Him (innocently): No, I’m just pointing out that maybe there are other ways

(OMG, are you witnessing the beginning of the best script for a blockbuster move or what?!)

It took me a while to realize he wasn’t having a go at me, he cared and was giving me an opportunity to look at this very thing, which was so important at this moment, from a different perspective. If I stick only to what I have already pre-decided and closed myself on any other options and choices, maybe I limit myself to what I’ve already known and what I’ve always done kind of automatically?

And then, I remembered somewhere from my school days, a wise man said – “the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.” (it was Albert Einstein by the way).

So, Just A Thought

Maybe, there are different solutions to the same problem? Different ways we could react to what happens to us? Not necessary better or worse, just worth enough to be considered?

So maybe, when there is traffic on the way to work again and it ruins your day again, you decide to use this time to listen to an audiobook that you always wanted to read you never seem to have had time to? And maybe this time instead of getting angry for the next hour or so, you actually decide to spend time productively and be happy (at least not so angry) about it? – J.A.T.

So maybe, when a person cuts in front of you in a queue somewhere and it makes you fume, as it always does, this time you think to yourself “That’s not a drama, I’m not really in a rush but this person probably is, so I will be cool about it”. And maybe this event does not spoil your whole day this time? – J.A.T.

So maybe, when your kids come to you with clothes covered in mud, and you are already getting frustrated, as you always do, this time you ask them if they discovered something amazing in the mud, was it fun? And maybe, they tell you a story that makes you laugh so hard that you have the best evening ever doing washing together with your kids? – J.A.T.

So maybe, you don’t like the whole message here and you don’t agree with any of it, but maybe this time you consider to give it a go and change something in what you always do?  And maybe, just maybe, you have a bit better day? – J.A.T.