Finding pleasure in small things is an art. If you don’t know how to do it yet – it is a skill you can, you should and you MUST learn. Having this skill will make your life so much better! By mastering it you will be able to focus on what you already have instead of what you still don’t.

It doesn’t mean that you should not aim for more or work on getting better at something. Just sometimes creating a ‘big vision’, looking at a ‘big picture’ and ‘thinking big’ can be a bit daunting. Big sounds quite BIG 😉 and it can scare us.

It also means that we need to wait much longer to celebrate achieving this big thing (whatever this is). If we have nothing to celebrate for a long time, you know it doesn’t make us very happy, does it? When we are not happy, we tend to start being a bit negative, don’t we? When we are negative, we are not the best companion for other people, are we? When we are not the best companion, most people will not like to spend time with us or we will attract negative people to replace the other ones, won’t we? When we have more negative people around us, this will not necessary help us to come up with creative solutions to get faster to our BIG goal, will it?

I could go on and on for ages with example after example to support the logic above but in short: look at things that you already have, see, hear, taste & feel, and they are available to you NOW, and appreciate them.

Let’s say, you are planning a big holiday. You have flights booked and you’re working on other itinerary details. You only have 6 more months until this great adventure where you can finally appreciate the world because it will be so special and you will be relaxed to do it. In the meantime, you are getting frustrated and stressed because you still have to go to work, you need to still do the normal things before you go on your trip.

The small things count too

Do you really need to wait 6 months to start appreciating the world? Will the appreciation only be possible at the 6 month mark? What about now? I know you are tired but what about being appreciative of the very fact that you woke up, you had something to eat and you can get to work that actually pays for your trip? Maybe on a way to or from work, you see a beautiful skyline? What about coffee that was really delicious today? What about a nice chat you had with your friend? What about this smell you felt in a bakery that reminded you about your grandma? Maybe someone commented how great you looked today? Maybe someone made you laugh so much today? What about this song that you really like and it was just on the radio now? What about having a heater in the office, so winter morning felt much better? Maybe…..? What about….?

There are millions of small things you can be grateful for. When you decide to start noticing them, you will create a great chance for a much better day.

Finding pleasure in small things is a skill. It is a skill to notice what is already good in your life but you don’t have to be born with it, it’s not genetically determined. It can be learnt and it starts with you making a choice to notice & to focus and to say “thank you, I’m grateful and I appreciate”.