There are so many things that happen to us and leave us in total amazement, total lack of understanding and with our mouth wide opened.

Wasn’t I just thinking about my friend and she calls? Wasn’t I just talking to someone about going to Fiji and an email appears about beautiful destinations and Fiji is (surprise, surprise) on the top of the message?

Another thing;

It seems that when I wake up happy (for no specific reasons) the whole day goes quite smooth. And it seems that when I wake up grumpy (again, for no specific reasons) the day is gloomy and all people look like it would be better to stay away from them.

Is it that when I think, ‘I DON’T want to feel sad, cranky and hopeless’, the Universe somehow ignores my ‘I DON’T WANT TO’ and sends me more sadness, crankiness and hopelessness?

I’ve already started being suspicious about the Universe’s selective hearing, so I’ve decided to try and think & talk about things I want in my life. Instead of ‘I don’t want to do it’, I say ‘I want to do something else’. Instead of ‘I wish I wasn’t so tired’, I say ‘I want to have lots of energy’…. I’m sure you get the gist.

You don’t have to believe in it and it might seem crazy to you but I’m not taking any chances! If the price for a possible happier life is to notice what I’m thinking & communicating to the world and change it for a more positive version, I can do that!

I’m on a mission to become a “good magnet” and I’m giving it a go! Even if the Universe does not give me a yacht, millions of dollars and a mansion; after all, the only thing I risk is not to fill up my mind thinking about things I never wanted anyway.

Worth a try. And if a yacht is replaced with a car that drives, millions of dollars with an income that lets me pay bills and still have enough for great holidays, and a mansion with a new wooden floor in my current house, I’ll still be happy.

So my conclusion for today: I’m going to the world and ‘may a good magnetic field be with me!’ 😉