Just imagine a you met a Genie. He tells you “I’m giving you an opportunity to design and build your house, you can spend as much as you wish. Don’t worry, if you choose not to do it, I will create one for you.”

I followed this exercise myself and I took a bit of time to myself and thought about it a lot.

I used my imagination, as the Genie said, and started thinking about how I would like the house to look. Of course, it would be spacious with at least 5 or 6 bedrooms, great decorations, hi-tech. I got excited thinking about how great it would look and feel and how many great parties I could have there for my friends and family. Swimming pool? Of course! Throw it in there… All the glory and beauty that I could think of. Spare no expense! Isn’t this how it should be?!

And then, I started thinking; is it my dream house or is it someone else’s? Do I really need such a big house? Will it really guarantee me the happiness that I was counting for? Will I even find my kids in such a big space to have a conversation?

Will I have time for all the entertaining I was planning for (remember, this is an opportunity to design and build a house, the Genie didn’t give you millions of dollars to live on and forget about a thing called ‘working’). Will I have time to clean it, (again, the Genie didn’t mention anything about a cleaner). Will I have time for travel? I love travelling! Where do I want this house to be? Is it close to the ocean, is it in the mountains or maybe just where I am now? Who are my neighbours? Where is the school for kids?

Decide what you really want

If this is the one chance to have my own, beautiful dream house, I needed to think about the details I want to see there AND around it. I need to choose people who will be supporting me in the adventure of creating my dream house. I’ve got just the one opportunity and I was given ENOUGH resources to do it. It would be silly not to use it.

You might have guessed already, the house is your life. To be happy with YOUR life, you must decide how you want it to look, how you want it to feel, where it should be and who should be joining you on this adventure. Remember, you have enough resources within you and you are ENOUGH.

You need to spend time planning your life and getting clear on what you want to see, feel and experience in your “house”. If you don’t make these decisions yourself, remember the last part of the Genie’s offer… He will choose it for you and you should never rely on his taste. Don’t blame him later, he warned you in the first paragraph!