Do you sometimes feel this tingling sensation in your stomach? This sudden urge to do something new and amazing? This feeling that you are destined to be someone great, someone with brilliant ideas, someone who could change the world?  You can’t put your finger on it, you can’t totally understand it but you feel GREAT having this feeling of power, possibilities and living your life with purpose.

And then…. as suddenly as this feeling came, it disappeared. You started thinking about reality of life, how busy you are, the request and demands you already have, the “real stuff”. You started your doubts even before you have understood what this great feeling, from 5 minutes ago, was about. Did it scare you that you could be someone better than you are now? You didn’t give yourself a chance to even define your dream and you decided it was too scary and it wasn’t worth it. You stopped before even giving it a go to.

There is no one reason why we don’t spend time to define our dreams and goals; maybe we feel we are not important to have dreams, maybe we feel we won’t be able to cope with demands it requires to reach them, maybe we are scared people will laugh at us and maybe we feel we are just not enough. OR simply, maybe it is just easier for us not to define dreams, so we don’t have to take responsibility for putting hard work to make them our reality?

Imagine you decided to make yourself a priority and spent time to think about how you want your life to look like. Imagine you had courage to follow steps that are required and imagine you trusted yourself that you could handle any difficulties that came your way. Imagine how your life could look like now, after you’ve done all of that.

Don’t ignore those sudden feelings of greatness – they appear for a reason. They can be a beginning of a new YOU, if you only decide YOU are worth spending time defining what YOU want.